About Lynda

An Introduction from the Channel 

 Hello, my name is Lynda. I have been channeling the Ancient Ones since 2008. 

The Ancient Ones have made it clear that we are them and they are us, and that at this time of great transformation on Planet Earth, we need to be tuning into the original movements that we brought here and once more bring them into full expression in our lives.  For myself this is one of eruption, so I am needing to connect to the fiery energy within, to allow it to come into full eruption to let it overflow out of the mountain and down the outside of the crater and then to settle.  Thus it has been a time of starting new projects with great enthusiasm and passion.  It is easy for me to get these creations started and to allow them to spread however finishing anything was very difficult.  I did not y know how to do this and stay true to my movement of eruption.  What is now working for me is to invite others into the process and this is moving the whole journey along. I will have to see if more is needed to complete the creations I have started. I share this information as an example of what to look for in your own lives, some of the challenges you may face as a result of finding this core movement, and learning how to work with it in the mundane world. 

There are many channels out there bringing in all sorts of information. Those who come through me have chosen me for at least one specific reason, I am practical and if information does not have a practical application then I am not attracted to it nor it to me. So when working with any information you read in this blog or in any of my other work, please keep this in mind. 

How does this information relate to the mundane world? 

Once you have invited the movements of the Ancient Ones into your consciousness they will begin acting immediately to move you into the fullness of your own expression, that which makes your heart sing! 

I have previously channeled The Ancient Ones at a series of workshops where each person was assisted in finding their own movements.  Some were of the elements, some of the sea while other individuals had more abstract movements and one was to bring energy in from above and then disperse it. What became very clear during these workshops was that when each person moved into their true movement others experienced that individual as more expansive and in addition felt more expansive themselves when connecting to the individual.  When a person tried to shut out their core movement – not only did that person feel reduced and disconnected but so did the other participants. 

In the comments section of this blog I would encourage you to share your experiences with this work in order to support each other, it can be difficult to do this work alone without any feedback.  I will assist where I can and I am certain the Ancient Ones will address our experiences. 

If you wish to know more information about me, read testimonials and look at other channeling please go to my web site at www.astroon.com



One comment on “About Lynda

  1. Thank you, Lynda, for sharing the works of both The Ancients and Astroon. Astroon is reminding me of how we are all created and thus create anew and The Ancients are helping us, through you, recall the finer details of how each creates.
    Wonderful work!

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